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What kind of professional opportunities do expat have in Vietnam?

Trang chủ | News (22/06/2021)

Viet Nam is now seen as a manufacturing hub with many international activities towards modernization of the country and creating a diverse and profitable economy with many job opportunities which are open not only to local people but also to foreigners.  After India, China and Indonesia, Viet Nam is the fourth place chosen by many experienced foreign experts as a place to live and work. So here we have listed few opportunities which are open for expat:

English teacher:

Teaching English in Viet Nam can be an exciting opportunity. Viet Nam is currently seeking to acquire the English language license in the form of a National Foreign Language Project. The goal of the program is to improve English proficiency for all students by 2020. Therefore, it is easy to find a job in a high-paying position. Not only are job-coaches popular in public schools, but there are also many kindergartens, foreign language centers, international schools, and private schools. 

E-commerce ecosystem

Viet Nam has a well established outsourcing service industry related to IT industry, which creates lot of opportunities for professional expat too, which are:

  • IT Engineer.
  • Digital Marketer.
  • Business Development.
  • Head of Departments (mostly technology & marketing).
  • Data Scientist.
  • Content Writer.

Hospitality Industry:

Viet Nam has a lot of global hotel brands operating in major cities as the hospitality industry does contribute a significant amount of revenue toward the Vietnamese GDP. Due to this there is a huge competition in providing a unique and consistent customer experience. So the opportunities for professional expat are:

  • Country Head.
  • Head of Marketing.
  • Head of Customer Success.
  • Head Chef.
  • Head of Operations.

Tourism Industry:

As Viet Nam is considered one of the best tourism destinations in South-east Asia, there is a cut-throat competition to attract more foreigner tourists as well as representatives for global Online Travel Agents in Viet Nam. So the opportunities which tourism offers to both professional and fresher expat are:

  • Chief Marketing Officer.
  • Business Development Director.
  • Head of Customer Success.
  • Account Manager.
  • Digital Marketer.
  • Tour Guide.


Viet Nam has an excellent internet infrastructure, that is why every Vietnamese business wants to have an online presence to attract Non-Vietnamese traffic towards their website, this is where expat can contribute as an freelancer by creating the content strategy and accordingly implementation to create awareness towards their employer’s brand.


As Viet Nam is heading towards to become a manufacturing hub, thanks to the implementation of EVFTA. Many manufacturing units would be setting-up as FDI, this would create lot of opportunities for non-IT engineer as:

  • Plant head.
  • Production head.
  • Industrial Design engineer.
  • Industrial product business development.
  • Quality control Manager.
  • Safety officer.
  • Trading Manager.


Hopefully this article was helpful in your research relating to FDI in Viet Nam. And we at GPO can assist you by providing market research as per your requirements. We can also assist you in recruiting an freelancer to generate revenue before setting-up office in Viet Nam and if everything goes as per your expectations we can also assist with business legal advice for getting your business registered in Viet Nam and then offer our core service of been your HR business partner in Managing your daily HR activities, as we are an HR business consultancy firm in Viet Nam. So, please do connect with us and let us be your long-term partner in Viet Nam.


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