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GPO - Grow people and organizationns

About us

With a passion and desire help Vietnamese people, company can be confidence to create achievements, miracle and build international enterprises, GPO provide effective solutions
to enhances values and develope Vietnamese human resource by modern management system


Our services

With over 10 years of professional experience, we always provide solutions
best for customers, and we don't want you to miss it.

Recruitement service

Recruiting middle and senior personnel, recruiting engineers, management experts from abroad and the ASEAN region. Introduce job opportunities for foreign partners, companies and corporations in Vietnam and the ASEAN region


GPOs provide business process support services in the HR services sector such as HR administration, payroll ... to help businesses minimize time for these administrative tasks and focus on customers. and their business strengths
>> More information: hroutsourcing.gpo.vn

Internal training services

Supply interval training courses and public about soft skills, management skill, human resource management skill and enterprise management skill
>> More information: http://training.gpo.vn/

Business consulting services

BSC & KPI, Build salary scale system and remuneration system, talent management system

Digitalization service

Digitalization interval training 
Provide e-learning service for enterprises

Career counseling / study abroad services

• Lifetime career career, successful connection
• Overseas study consultation 
• Counseling on trainees
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